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Dreamlance takes the guesswork out of freelancing

Low bidding, freelancers who go radio-silent, unmet deadlines and conflicts are just a few things that plague the freelance industry. 40% of all freelance projects end in dispute. Don't let that happen to you.

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Hire professionals for web design, mobile app design, illustrations, print, logos, company branding & even marketing material.


Web & Software

Hire expert Ruby on Rails, PHP, Java, .NET, JavaScript or Python developers. We add people with new skills every day.


Mobile Developers

Hire professional Android, iOS or Windows Phone developers to build games, enterprise apps, consumer apps or just about anything else.

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The Dreamlance Advantage

Project Assessment

We help you define the scope

  • We work with you to clearly define the scope of your project.

  • This ensures that our freelancers understand the deliverables and work towards completing them without any confusion.

Handpicked Professionals

The Right People

  • Our freelancers are vetted based on their previous work & other factors.

  • Coming from design & development backgrounds, we can tell the difference between a rookie & a veteran.

  • Zero-bloat code & pixel-perfect designs. Guaranteed.

Secure Payments

Payments via escrow

  • Once a freelancer begins working on your project, your funds are wired to Dreamlance's secure account.

  • You can submit disbursal instructions when the project is completed or as required.

Conflict Resolution

Easy Arbitration

  • Even with our intervention throughout the process, conflicts can arise.

  • We can arbitrate conflicts between you and your freelancer as an unbiased third party.

Legal Documentation

Standardized Templates

  • Our legal experts have prepared legal templates for all basic needs including non-disclosure, ownership and more.

  • Use these to get started or modify to suit your needs.

The Dreamlance Process

1. Post your project

It all starts with discussing your project with us. We help you tighten up the requirements, and come up with a focused vision for the project.

2. Connect with freelancers

You get connected to uber freelancers within 48 hours on Dreamlance. Once you're ready to begin work, we provide the necessary legal documentation.

3. Put the money in escrow

You transfer the funds to Dreamlance's secure account, which will signal the freelancer to begin work. On receipt of quality work, you tell us to move the money to your freelancer.

4. Get your awesome product

After all the hard work between you and your hired professional, you are bound to get an awesome product! In the unfortunate event of a disagreement between the two parties, we step in as an unbiased 3rd party to help negotiate a resolution.

Dreamlance Fees

7.5% of the project cost

Payable by the project owner and the freelance professional


Freelancer workstation

Doing our bit towards the decentralized work economy

We at Dreamlance are committed to provide the most hassle-free experience of working online on remote projects. We aim to provide the online workplace that we would want to use ourselves.

  • 40% of freelance projects end in dispute. Don't let that happen to you!

  • 84% of businesses claim that online hiring gives them a huge competitive edge.

  • 56% of workforces will be online in the next 3 years.


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